Give children water for Christmas

Christmas is a magical time when dreams come true. In different parts of the world, children have different dreams. Dreams are smaller and bigger. Some want a new bike, book or computer game. We asked the children from Alccu Cares what they would love to ask Santa Claus for this year, and we already know the answer.

Santa – children from Alccu Cares are asking you for access to water! Here, in the school.

The cost of the well/borehole is around 10,000 Euro. We are joining forces today with Alccu Cares Volunteers and Ambassadors from around the world. Our campaign “Give children water for Christmas” is both a beautiful gift for the entire community in Kawuula as well as a test for our internal strength, determination and values. Nothing teaches you how to achieve goals like organizing charitable activities. Join us. Help us get clean and safe water for the children. Together we can do more.

Song: Jonathan David & Melissa Helser – No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) | We Will Not Be Shaken


Our new well!

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