Save mother earth

I advocate for children, I have tried my level best but with the climate change Hazards and impacts we have no future. The drought, the drought our children walk long distances to look for water and with this we have no clean water, no crops, no livestock, no income and when it rains the crops are washed away , houses are weak, we sleep in fear, we are afraid of death but we want to live and we are looking for a better way to enjoy the earth.

All rain forests are gone, they are cut to get charcoal, timber and fire wood but solar energy can be used to replace charcoal and fire wood in the villages.

It’s a struggle and it needs action now.  “We want climate change, we need it now”

I do sentisation and I encourage people to plant trees but we must provide trees and we must provide food to the affected children looking at both needs we do it vice versa, the tree would be the priority but food is am emergency. Let’s join hands and protect mother earth.