Sponsor a Child.

ALCCU primary school is located in the district of Kawuula Mubende. We have children studying in grades from the first to the seventh, from 5 to 18 years old. The ALCCU primary school is a school with an orphanage that needs a variety of resources, clothes for our children, bedding, desks, textbooks, swings and more

Hey you! Yes, you! Be one of the “300 Magnificent”. Be a bridge to a better world. Sponsor a child.

Have you thought about the main resource called the “human resource”? It is a very important resource that includes pupils, teachers, non-teacher staff and volunteers.

Do you see the value of this school? You are the main pillars of this institution, nothing will happen without you. Parents, students and management place all their trust in you, because without you this institution would not survive and would not reach the level it is today. We are absolutely convinced that thanks to good work and commitment one day our school will be ranked among the best in Kawuula, the best in the Mubende district, the best in Uganda Central and finally will be the best in Uganda, if only the human resource gets adequate support.

We have 300 students in our school who love to learn, and their dream is to have a very good future that is clear and fruitful for society and for themselves. Fall in love with the ALCCU CARES and CITY CITY ACADEMY schools, primary schools where there is good cooperation between students and teachers. (With volunteers from outside Uganda, and even with all of Africa, who are loving, caring and creative, and even appreciate the shelter of our children.) We love ALCCU CARES and its fruits. Remember that only determination and diligence allow you to achieve success. Good luck everyone!


In Kampala, the capital of Uganda, we work with the Kampala City Academy, a school in the suburbs of Kampala. In this school, we sponsor children from Kampala streets, we help identify their origin, if possible, and pay for their education via our sponsors. We have many children to whom the school gives shelter, feeds them and provides them with medical care. The school’s headmaster, Mr Kintu, works with ALCCU CARES to monitor and provide parental care to our children. The school has children from 3 to 15 years old. The total number of children is 464, however, we are responsible for all children from Kampala streets. We provide them with all basic needs using donations for our projects. We also have internships for teachers and nurses who would like to gain experience at the Kampala City Academy.