Our Team

Kizza Margret Marsha
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Uganda / Canada
1739 Victoria Park Avenue Postal address M1R1S1 #408
E: marggieand@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: +1 437328 7303 (Canada)

I got so interested in helping children who are vulnerable and those without parents after losing friends due to HIV, when I became a mother the love I felt as a parent made me think so much about the children without parents and this inspired me to work with NGOs for children as a volunteer and after my voluntarily work there I got a dream to help children and that's why we opened up this NGOs. After opening up I have become so close to the children and I feel it's my duty to fulfill the promise. I call upon everyone out there to come and we work together you may not be here physically but your support is important and it can make a difference. These children need love and care from us.

Jamal Waswa
Country Director
E: anotherlove831@yahoo.com

I am an Ugandan musician who is dedicated to supporting orphans, vulnerable children and youth. By advocating for them and looking for help all over the world. Apart from that a percentage of the money I gets from my music goes to the organization programmes such as paying teachers at the school project in Mubende and buying food for the children. I call upon the world to come and help us as you know united we stand and divided we fall.

Founder of NGO Alccu Austria
Larissa Krassnitzer
E: larissa.krassnitzer@gmail.com
or alccu.austria@gmail.com

I am from Carinthia/ Austria and currently working as a nursery teacher in a kindergarten in Vienna. Claudia and I got to know the organization ALCCU by Nadine and Nicole. In September 2015 we started our adventure as volunteers in Uganda for six months. It was the best time of my life!! I gained a lot of experiences while we were working as teachers in Kampala and Mubende, helping in an orphanage and supporting people in ghettos. I can say I am a half African woman and Uganda is my second home country. If you also want to volunteer, to get to know foreign cultures and landscape then please contact me. I will be happy to organize your adventure!!

Claudia Juritsch
E: claudia.juritsch@edu.ph-kaernten.ac.at

I am a student at University College of Teacher Education Austria. After I graduated school, I wanted to have a break from my home to explore the beautiful wide world. Austrian friends told me about the organisation ALCCU, and I got interested and excited to visit Uganda. So I spent a social half year as a volunteer there. I worked at primary schools in the city and in the village. I also volunteered at an orphanage and I worked together with street kids. I collected long life memories and I am proud to be a part of the organisation because ALCCU provide children a better future through education. And in my opinion that’s the best way to help the kids. If you‘re now curious and you want to know more about it, feel free to contact me.

ALCCU Coordinator
Nadine Puschl
E: puschlnadinelisa@gmail.com

I am from Austria Carinthia, a student at Graz nursing science university. when i went to Uganda for Internship, I voluteered at ALCCU, this is how i got interested in the Organisation and aceppted to help the children, i became close to Ugandan people. I like the way people treat each other despite the status of the country. if your out there and you would like to help or travel to Uganda send me an email i will be happy to organise you a trip with ALCCU, for any question or meeting, you can contact me and we choose aperfect project for you.

ALCCU Coordinator
Nicole Stinig
E: nicole.stinig@gmx.at

Hello people, my name is Nici and I studied nursing science at the Medical University of Graz/Austria and in 2016 I started to work in a small hospital. During the study I went to Uganda for experiencing the life as a nurse in an African country with my good friend Nadine. We were very lucky to meet and live with our African mum Marsha. She established the NGO ALCCU and asked if we want to become members and make the organization more popular in Austria. Since the first time in Uganda I am in love with the country and the people who live there. If you want to explore the real Africa you should go there and make lifelong experiences. Contact me if you are interested for the best time in your life.

ALCCU Coordinator
Tilde Haurum Madsen
E: Tildemadsen@hotmail.com

I was travelling with Alccu Cares during my nursing internship from april-june 2015. I had the best experience during my stay, and I really fell in love with the country. Everything was very well planned, and team Alccu took good care of us. When I went to see Alccu Cares project in Mubende, I just knew that choosing this organisation was such a good desicion. It was amazing to see how my money was used to give children from the village the opportunity to go to school. I saw how Alccu give these children happiness and hope for a better future! We need more people who would like to make a change for the children, and I would be very happy answering any question you might have. Feel free to send me an email, and I will be happy telling you all about the different projects.

ALCCU Coordinator
Agnieszka Pietraszek
E: agnieszka.pietraszek86@gmail.com

Business Educator, Account Manager from Central Europe who smoothly links management, clients, and staff to keep projects rolling. Focused on self-development and high-quality work standards, excels at inspiring others, developing ideas, and sharing knowledge. With five years of experience in PM, has positive attitude, knows how to meet deadlines, and enhances efficacy in customer service B2B/B2C. Integrates core values of courage, enthusiasm, responsibility, and creativity with performance. Totally touched by Margret`s story after reading a book written by Tomasz Michniewicz (“Chrobot”) decided to join the great ALCCU Team.

ALCCU Coordinator
Julia Karner
E: juliackarner@gmail.com

I am a nurse at the NICU in Innsbruck and I had the pleassure to work with ALCCU twice. My first time to come to Uganda was in 2018 when I did my nursing- internship. Marsha – our African Mum organised everything for us and made our stay with her and her family near Kampala a very special one. It made me feel like home and to be part of her family. After this 7 weeks living in a different world – I knew that I have to come back again. So I joined the workcamp of ALCCU in 2019 and got to know a completely new lifestyle of Uganda – the village life! Weeks full of work, laughter, drumming dancing, playing and joy – although we didn’t have tap water or electricity… followed and I just felt that I am at the right place. If you are interested in traveling or making new expierence by volunteering – just text me, I’d be glad to help you with anything you need to have the best time of your life in Uganda.

ALCCU Coordinator
Ronald Kawere
E: ronkawere@yahoo.co.uk

I am Ronald Kawere, a Ugandan living and working in England. I came across ALCCU on my recent visits to Uganda and I was so touched with the work she does and so I decided to partner with her in order to support and uplift the lives of those in need and most vulnerable. I have always wanted to give back to the community where I came from and so I found this the best opportunity to support the cause. I do support infrastructure activities and programmes ranging from home building and community projects for the needy and most vulnerable. My emphasis is mainly in building homes for the poor and those in need of shelter to have a place to call home. As such, our programmes support a range of home building and community projects, focusing on practical support that makes a real tangible difference to the lives of those most in need.